Why Trump’s Early Climax in Debates STILL a Lie

Trump had a bad summer, a bad convention and now a bad debate. Despite blaming microphones and even the most tame debate moderator I can recall, Lester Holt, Trump’s surrogate talking point regurgitates have fallen on the last refuge of bullsh*t lies: that he was actually good for the first 10, 15, 20, 40 minutes or so. Ya know, like your average bully with a bad combover, except this douche could actually be your next president.

I actually watched the debate, and I affirm, that this is just more of the same. Republican Presidential Nominee Mr. Donald J. Trump (I through up in my mouth just saying that in my mind), has had a bad string of failures his entire life. Being “tremendously wealthy” has made him used to pretending. The Republican Party, however, is not. They are near death panic after a weak of their Party’s Nominee celebrate fat-shaming and start Twitter wars with anyone and everyone, underscoring his unbelievably scary, small hands on the nuclear Football (AKA the Codes to Doomsday).

Yet they stand by their Manchurian Candidate with zombie like statements that would make those addicted to brains go vegetarian (Zombie jokes… as fun as an open casket at a funeral). #zombielivesmatter

The latest and last refuge for the Trumpiam faction is the ‘he sucked in the debate but killed it in the first (fill in the blank) minutes’ argument.

I actually watched the debate, and I’m not bragging that, I am just astonished to myself, and a great deal many others for that matter, that I managed to pull it off! The important note is that Trump has been an ass from birth to the present. He continues to suck too, though let’s save that. #soreloser

His stumbles and weak, feeble appearance have amounted to a disastrous week, so who cares about the first 15 minutes anyway? Well, apparently, his entire campaign is hinging on it, as it makes him look like he just got robbed… Yeah, by a superior candidate who cleaned his clock, pretty thoroughly I might add.

The only way for his idiotic, and very regretful supporters is to claim some kind of victory. Bring in the drones, I mean clones, I mean Republicans.

Thus the ‘well he won the first 15 minutes prize’ AKA, the Sore Loser’s Award, AKA the coveted Kanye West Award, was born.

  • Any gamer who has played someone who lost bad and blamed it on the controller knows what I’m talking about.
  • Any lady who told someone no and had to endure the “she’s a lesbian” kinda bullshit knows what I’m talking about.
  • Any person who has been bullied in their life and saw that moment when the bully lost power knows that I’m talking about.

In the end, bullies who were born into “tremendous wealth” are the worst of all. Did President Trump perform like an American President?

That is your call!

Did they make you feel safe, remind you of all the National Security standards we have in place? Or did he they tell you they know more than anyone in charge of anything?

The LEADER of the FREE WORLD should be someone who knows anything about the world.

Not someone who would declare nuclear war on a former Miss Universe. After all, that would mean declaring war on the Universe.

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