Trump: The Decline of American Influence

It can hardly be blamed on one person of course. However the symbol of the decline of American “Greatness” (whatever that means) and our true power as a nation can be symbolized in one simple word: “Trump”. At Davos, the World Economic Forum, we are witnessing something the United States has seen in a long, long time… indifference.

His America First policy is not being taken well in the world. Instead of walking out on Trump, the other world leaders simply treat him as if he didn’t matter, as Time reported. Like a man wearing a clown costume at a wedding. Meanwhile the Corporate America First tax-cuts has put big money in International Corporations First, which is the greatest joke of all about Trump and everything his failing brand stands for. His elite power backers like Walmart and AT&T are looking to make better money globally, America be damned, and most of the world is ramping up. It’s what they call emerging markets, where the small countries we bullied for over a century are becoming a force for themselves (or so they think).

In theory, at least according to those that push globalism, a term for corporate economic domination of the world, everyone having a “turkey in every pot and a car in every garage” is a great thing. Sounds good right? Give me tons of crap I don’t need, food at every turn and a car to carry my lazy ass there, right? I mean as an American, can I get a Hallelujah!

At the same time it is unrealistic. The entire principal was based on exploiting the “emerging markets” so well, that won’t work now will it? There simply is not enough resources in the world to support such a system. It is beyond unrealistic. The BBC reports it will take 4 Earths to satisfy our insatiable urge for pleasure globally.

In Capitalism, there are winners and losers. The loser is usually us, the workers of the world. There is also a mentality that lasts till the end of the 4th quarter. Next year is not my problem, and we are now facing a bunch of drones running a bee hive out of control with a queen that has lost control, while the worker bees work to take over the world and create a world of bee society, dominated by bees, for the bees and only the bees. If only the bees didn’t rely on the rest of the natural world to supply their hive with precious honey. The Queens is their slave.

More people in capitalism = more resources and supposedly, winners.

Now that brings us back to Trump. Notice, he has had little part of this article, because he isn’t important at all. He’s a stooge that will sign anything so he can golf and bang porn stars in his “tiddy whiteys”. I see him as a social threat, his economic policy is just opening the flood gates to the REAL powers that be, the corporations, the racists, the evangelicals that want an Iran style state and the neo-nazi paranoids who stock pile weapons waiting for a threat that will never come.

While most are fools, the Corporations come first. Their damn welfare payment, in which I mean, the Trump Tax-Cuts has resulted in more jobs lost than gained so far, with even Trump darling Walmart axing over 2000 jobs before giving a token raise to their employees. Than Huggies manufacturer has axed 5,000 jobs. Also, higher bank fees at Bank of America, cuts to road and infrastructure spending, and a whole lot more problems to come as crying corporate America continues it’s endless drinking of whine. Poor you!

Sure, they talk about raising wages, the inevitable result of competitiveness in Obama’s economy, not the Trump Tax-Cuts that aren’t even a month old. Yet as Trump begins to actually do stuff, we see little actual gains from press-conference PR-style success, like in Wisconsin’s FoxConn deal heralded by Trump, and more like a bunch of open-ended words in the sky from corporations to do something to help the poor people who paid billionaires a bonus. The same stupid people who have no idea their Medicare, Medicaid, Social-Security and everything else will pay for it.

Guys like Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan urging other corporations to get involved in contributing to our society is terrifying to me. I think it is one of the worst things that could happen to us. Having them involved in our utilities, our medical care, our infrastructure has had very mixed and often piss-poor results. Handing them more power is not going to make America Great Again, it is going to make America the 19th century again. These guys are on a simple PR offensive to protect their precious, precious, precious, precious tax-cuts and they will promise the naive voters of the United States that they will “fix” all the problems in America, as any good used-car salesman would, despite the fact America was great in the first place was because of it’s government.

From the Roosevelt programs like Social Security, to the United States Armed Forces, I believe our government is great. Now while I think the DMV, the Police and Justice Departments need a  few fixes, I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water. The more more I see corporate-world get involved in my business, I’ve seen my costs go up, my wages go down and quality plummet.

An easy example is airplane food. Are you old enough to remember when the airlines gave food… for free? People bitched about it though I always kind of liked it. Well, now it’s gone. Regulators were eased, airlines complained about costs and unions (of course they do), and now you pay to put a baggage on the plane and get a cheap sample of some kind of food and a soda, if you’re lucky. Notice, no one complains about airline food any more. Problem solved (according to corporate America).

I don’t care to care about the whining of a bunch of billionaires about how hard it is. They can choke on sea urchin ceviche for eternity for all I care.

In Trump’s America, much like what you would get in his hotels, 5 star luxury service as long as you are willing to pay for it. Coroporate America is willing, so sorry ‘the poors’ you dumb-sh*ts who voted for American greatness need to go down stairs to the poor area, for your free packet of finely crafted beef jerky and gourmet crackers. A delicious fancy imitation cola soda will be provided at additional cost. Your welcome!

As far as foreign policy, an area where the President truly has leverage, it’s been a sh*t show. As the Fareed Zakaria stated, the US is in decline worldwide. We have Russia expanding influence in Syria, Turkey fighting a US backed Kurds, Iraq in turmoil, recent bombings that have killed Americans in Afghanistan and Palestine won’t even return Mike Pence’s phone calls. We are losing ground in Africa, Latin America, Europe hates us, Russia seems poised to gain, China is outraged (and also will gain), Japan is confused and most of East Asia is betrayed, as even Canada has signed a free trade agreement Trump pulled out of.

The American Greatness has declined rapidly under Trump and Republican, pro-corporate pillaging. The Barbarians are IN THE GATES, and the American Treasury is their’s to pillage. I hate to call our country stupid. Yet, under Trump you will see the decline of America. Your only hope is to vote against him at every front, because it isn’t him you need to worry about, it is the corporations, that mostly employ you, who are steeling the gold from the American Treasury.

You got sold a bill of goods America! Demand a Refund!
Oh and you are for some #stormyweather.

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