Tea party idiots just don't get it.

The Tea Party Pawns in a Powerful Game

Tea party idiots just don't get it.

The Tea Party is too stupid for its own good.

My journey through the past 100 news cycles has led me to draw many conclusions about the state of our society, one conclusion that I have not drawn is that the country has gone electric for bouncing buffoons wearing tri-quarter hats all screaming poorly designed slogans and waving hand drawn signs (by design) that complain about the lowest tax rate since WWII. Yet the media, in particular one agency that bankrolls the GOP and the Tea Party, claims this tiny group of fanatics have cornered the GOP and are spreading over the country like wildfire!

The tea party isn’t influencing the Republican party, it IS the Republican party. It’s the rank and file morons who are pissed because all the things they were promised by all the rich elitists who traditionally control the Republican party used social issues to push forward their pro-business agenda. Now their “pissed off”, even though they were accessories to their record deficits, record spending, poorly executed wars and divisive political policy that ironically caused and contributed to all of the major problems the tea baggers are so pissed off about.

GOP Bush Tax Cuts & Wars caused record deficits

The tail is wagging the dog. Only problem is, the tail is infested with fleas. The GOP made those promises knowing full well they could never make them. It was just campaign slogans and rhetoric designed to whip old man Jones and his loyal family of WASP Bible thumpers into showing up in November. The vast majority of America doesn’t like extremists and extreme policy will NEVER pass Congress.

So if most of the agenda is likely never to pass except the parts that benefit the rich, is the tail really wagging the dog after all? Or is the GOP, really just another movable piece on a board controlled by the rich elite?

The greatest secret the Republicans ever had, is that they don’t really care about anyone who makes less then $250,000 a year. Even in their “small business” designs, Barrack Obama would be considered one of the hard working ma & pa shops they are trying to bail out of these toughest of times.

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The more people get to know the Republican agenda, the less they like about it. It’s all well and good when it’s tax cuts for them, but what about the fact that they get $600 while the rich get a whole galaxy of mult-layered tax cuts on dividends and capital gains, estate taxes, bonuses, payroll breaks (that’s a huge one) and on their property. Taxes effect those with something to tax, the middle-class has virtually nothing so taxes SHOULD NOT be a significant issue. Yet people love free money, even at the cost of public education, health services, freeways, construction of major projects, police, fire department, the Armed Services and a weaker economy as a result of all those lost jobs. The government is the largest employer (by far through the military) and it’s very short-sighted, and as the public begins to see the fatal flaws of Republican selfishness, they turn their backs on them.

The rest of the agenda is out of touch with America. Prayer in schools, banning abortion, the war on marijuana, anti-homosexual policies and even anti-immigration are all on the losing side of history. Most of it is rooted in the sixties and is out of touch with the youth and the changing demographic of America.

Yet this is what drove the GOP for so long, they don’t know what else to do. Outside of taking advantage of a bad economic situation they created, their new agenda is just more of the same. In fact, it’s more of the same but in a diet, artificially sweetened version. Much of the social issues are being purged. What is left is the same rotting corpse of a boated economic agenda that lowers taxes almost exclusively for the rich and passes the savings on to us by cutting the chord of Social Security, Medicare and all the government services the people rose up and fought to achieve over the span of 100+ years. If you like having someone inspect your food before you eat it, better not vote Republican because that is what they call “big government”. Why should they have to pay for an inspector to make sure they don’t kill you when you eat beef? The lawsuit is cheaper then the inspector, sad to say, because your life means nothing to them. All they want is your money.

Which is ironic because they sell themselves as not coming for your money. Pretty slick huh?

All these poor saps at the bottom who vote Republican have been sold the rich elite agenda for so long, hoping that some day they will be rich too (how naive), that they actually believe it. They really do see this as a crusade against the evil Left who is out to destroy God like Stalin and force all Americans to hand in their guns and have abortions. The mark of the beast and all that Revelations fear, all rolled up into a giant manipulative ball. These pawns took up the banner of the crusade and marched into battle to do what their elitist rulers could not do. Unfortunately for them power doesn’t work that way and specifically with the Crusades, the People’s Crusade ended in Turkey in a giant slaughter, while the First Crusade (which came second) succeeded with the help of big government, lol.

These tea bag candidates are no different from the last lot of “everyman” Republicans. Once they get in there, they will tow the line for the rich and leave the people that put them into office waving their idiotic signs in the street till no one cares any more. That’s politics. It isn’t nice or pretty and that’s why it’s compared to sausage making. Since when did we forget how horrible it was to make sausage? Was is it when we started getting it from the market and let corporate meat packers do it for us? Interesting!

I don’t blame the tea baggers for feeling used and turned out by their wealthy pimps, yet, putting more extremists in Congress will most certainly achieve nothing. As mentioned, they will just be more of the same GOP, unable to compromise and better off dangling God issues and meaningless rhetoric while getting fat in office on federal and corporate dough. A blown opportunity for bi-partisanship and a chance to actually get something done.

All because a wealthy news organization and a bunch of wealthy demagogues know how to stir the pot of anger to do their bidding. Fox News ends up doing well, yet the country these numskulls espouse to love so much more then the rest of us goes down the drain with partisan divide. The legacy of a sad and lonely rich Australian who wanted even more money and empire. Yes ol’ Rupert would show hard core porn on TV if he knew it would cut his taxes. What a pathetic soul he is, to devote his entire life to spreading tabloid news and hateful yellow journalism.

tea baggers drown in stupdity

As for the morons howling in the street with signs of Obama in African tribal dress, they’re trading one pimp for the other, both with the same agenda of cutting the taxes of the super rich. Pretty brilliant of those rich elitists. Divide and conquer. Works every time!

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