The Revolutionairy Spirit

This week has been an interesting one. It began with protesting in Downtown Los Angeles and ended with 2 wars concluding and a birthday party for a 5 year-old girl. Wait what? You may be asking. Yes I assure you, even if you didn’t ask, it was an exceptional week that finally convinced me to pick up the reigns of this blog once more.

I know I have been a way a bit, showing up here and there and leaving some comment I made or a letter to a politician. The truth is, I have been writing more in the past 2 years than ever, it was just comments, letters and battle-crys made on websites from obscure to prominent. Meanwhile the elite political class has consumed the “blogosphere” and turned what was a movement to bring voice to every man and woman into the TMZ of politics. I will never forget an NPR conversation 3 years ago with some blogger I never heard of, spoke of all these Washington Beltway blogs and all the “inside” information and how it was driving the new narrative. Insiders like Sludge, I mean Drudge who know nothing of real American life, became the new norm. I damn near quit that day. When corporations own all the voices, like the former Republican turned blog spokeswoman turned AOL corporate player, Arianna Huffington, where do you honestly turn for honesty? I honestly didn’t know!

It didn’t take me long to realize the need for speakers from the street needed to return.

While I never stopped writing, it is always more fun storming the castle than it is to control it. My own personal life went through enormous transformation in this period. Student loans, a wage worth less than it had been when I was going to school and the enormous stress of a declining lifestyle on a relationship piled on top of medical problems plus the subsequent bills took a heavy toll these past years.

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