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Ebola Mysteriously Dissapears as News Story After Election

Remember Ebola? The coming death of our time? The great threat to America? Wasn’t that a huge story just the Monday before Election Day?
Well, now that the corporations and the media they own have gotten their way, it is in full remission.

No, not in remission as a disease that threatens to expand and become a massive epidemic and has taken 5,000 West African lives including one who lied to get through airport security and died in Texas. No, just as a useful scare story of the Conservative Media. So it drops, day to day as the new GOP sun rises with the hopes of the most radical conservative Congress in history, that doesn’t take office till January, begins to alleviate our fears.

You were played America!

Above, I took screenshots of all the major American new media outlets. Only MSNBC  has a prime link and it’s just a tab. CBS has one above the fold, though it’s about the doctors that go to Africa, no more about the scare of American infection. Fox had it buried below though with a Red link about entitled “Ebola Watch” 2 down beneath an “Exclusive” (same red typeface) with the “harrowing” journey of the US Marine who tried to cross the Mexican border with 3 guns. CNN had a mention, ABC did too, NBC had it buried in the Health section. On Google News, it didn’t show up at all, though this is so random, it only implies that at the time I searched, nobody cared about Ebola. Gee, I wonder who cared about it before? Could it be the conservative news audience that hate everything, fear everything, are bigots, racists and vote in every election?

tumblr_ndtmx3TlXd1qz4th4o1_400Well since Ebola killed a whopping total of 1 person on American soil, less  than amount of prisoners recently released by North Korea today (that you probably didn’t even know about), while it continues to kill and has exceeded the amount of American soldiers killed in the Iraq Wars, I’m guessing that you might be pretty mad at the media for making you scared for nothing. You should be, though they take orders when it matters, from their bosses. Even the Watergate breakers, the Washington Post is now owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon, who pays his workers crap wages and treats them worse than Walmart. That’s right, Amazon is WORSE than Walmart! AND THIS GUY OWNS THE WASHINGTON POST!

It seems that the good work of Obama may have made the difference or that the panics of the Right wing radicals in the Tea Party Republicans suddenly were alleviated when they got what they wanted for their billionaire masters, or both. My guess is both, because Obama played it right, Christ Christie and Andrew Cuomo played it wrong and still Americans were too stupid to show up and vote. Don’t worry folks! The scare is over. Now that the Republicans will take over in 3 months, the Ebola got scared out of this country by conservative backbone, or how to shit yourself without crying (unless you are Republican Speaker of the House John Beoner) and still pretend to be tough. My theory on how this works is that the American people have lost so much backbone, that people like the Republicans look tough. To me, that is terrifying! All they do is cry about something to win votes (the flag, Ebola, terrorism, threats to Santa Claus and of course, themselves, endless rants about how they are victims), then they mock the serious threats to our great nation, like the rich literally stealing all the money, low wages, rising poverty, crumbling bridges, failing schools, a medical system that is raising rates all around the world and a multi-national corporate alliance of tax dodgers that use corporate welfare and don’t want to pay for it. Oh did I mention Climate Change?

All the Republicans got done in their ranting and raving about Ebola was preventing doctors from joining the fight to eradicate the virus so they could win an election. They used their master’s media  to frighten and scare the US populous to stay home on Election Day. Now they rule your Congress and want to set your healthcare conditions. They will start by dismantling the Affordable Care Act, that prevents Big Insurance from denying you for a preexisting condition, or from charging women more than men (because of all the lady parts) or for kicking you off their coverage. Oh btw, the ACA, is Obamacare. Add the name Obama and the conservative health care plan created in the 90s to counter Hillary-Care, became Romney Care and then the ACA becomes Marxist, socialist, fascist, Darwinist, scientist, evilist, whateverist, Maximus Nero Germanicus, aka, F__king bull___t with a capital F.

Ebola will only resurface if it becomes useful again and circumstance gives the Tea Party Radicals a chance to distract you from their cause of killing your Social Security benefits and Medicare. Oh, and there is always the chance that it becomes an actual US epidemic, though thanks to the Obama Administration and the World Health Organization, run by those dastardly dangerous United Nations Gestapo that want to take us over with “black helicopters” the threat to America perished. They had a lot of help from the Clinton Global Initiative and the absolutely selfless Doctors Without Boarders. This selfless group endured the threat of poor sanitation (which is what spreads Ebola), dangerous politics (that can get you killed) and then came home to be treated like s__t by people like Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie who locked one selfless doctor in a makeshift tent with a box as a toilet indefinitely, until she called the media with her iPhone and shamed the governor into submission.

Time to start getting used to Plutocracy and the death of Democracy. That is, unless this country suddenly cares about what little political power they have left and how little they will have in 20 years, oh and uhm, your kids, and grand kids! There was a time when people cared more about their grand kids than themselves. Today, people are so selfish, they spoil their kids because it feels good for them, regardless of their future and grandparents shoot down schools because they want bigger Social Security checks. Today, people care so much about getting theirs, that they are willing to trade in their own futures to save what little they have left!

This country is in big trouble folks! If you don’t start standing up to fight, nothing will change. How is it now? Worse than it was when George Carlin said the following in 2005. Oh and don’t blame Obama folks. He is one man in a sea of swine and it was ignorant to think a good person could change Washington. I would say he is better than the American people, who are too busy watching Dancing with the Stars to stop Corporate America from purchasing to stop the slow death of Democracy with a big D.


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