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John Boehner - speaker of the house crying again

How Republicans are Destroying the Constitution

I would like to introduce you to a new section here at Soapblox. It’s called Essential Reading. These are articles, news stories and opinion pieces that I find to be must-reads for progressives and liberals.  I tend to read an awful lot of articles from all over the web and I only intend to present the cream of the crop, to help many of us on the rational side of spectrum cut through the noise and static that only clogs up our busy lives with nonsense.

John Boehner - speaker of the house crying again

John Boehner doing what he does best.

To open the new section, here is an amazing article that appears in this month’s issue of the Rolling Stone by Sean Wilentz that dives deep into the history of the Republican Party and the United States. It covers some of the more extreme moments in our history, how they didn’t last and how the GOP has become so radicalized to the extreme right. It also addresses, what has long been my own opinion, on the weakest Speaker of the House in modern history, John Boehner and his lack-luster rise to become a guy best known for crying and being too weak to tackle freshman Congressmen in his own party.

An absolute must read for those that are interested to understand how this conservative party became so dysfunctional, even, a sanctuary for bigots, gun-nuts and brain dead zealots who speak about the End Times as a welcome event and believe the Earth is 9000 years old.

It’s also terrific at explaining the perils of allowing these Constitution loving extremists to ignore the the rules of the Constitution as essentially equivalent to to weakening the very document they never shut up about.


Republican Extremism and the Lessons of History

This crisis is about nothing other than the Republican Party – its radicalization, its stunning lack of leadership and its disregard for the Constitution.


Be sure to check back with us for more essential reading and original articles.


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