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Darrell Issa may go home next November!

The Gang of 37 Republicans That Could Lose in 2014

Democratic pollster PPP, has released a series of polls of Congressional seats since the Shutdown debacle ended. Of the 61 they surveyed, 37 are vulnerable to defeat and the Democrats need less than half of those seats to retake the House (they need 17).


Huffington Post compiled a list of the Gang of 37, and the list may surprise you. Included is the richest man in Congress and leader of the Obama witch-hunts, Darrell Issa and conservative pretty boy favorite and Romney’s Vice Presidential running mate, Paul Ryan!

Darrell Issa may go home next November!

Darrell Issa may go home next November!

Can it happen? Well, elections are never easy to predict and nearly impossible a year in advance. So much can change and anger over the shutdown can wear off. Some of it did in 1996 as well, even though they got trounced in the Presidential election and overall anyway.

Know the people on this list. If our nation has any chance at having a functional government again, these people need to sell their nice homes in the Potomac area.

GOP Leader Says N-Word, Admits Voter ID Laws About Suppressing Votes


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Republican Favorability Slips to 28% Post Government Shutdown


The Republican brand has now slipped to the lowest level ever recorded since they began polling for party favorability. Republicans stand at a 28% faborability rating, and the Tea Party is even lower, while Obamacare, the cause they used to … read more

How Republicans are Destroying the Constitution

John Boehner - speaker of the house crying again

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UPDATE – Inside the ACORN Obsessed Mind of a Scapegoating Republican


UPDATE: The Republicans are at it again, voting for the 13th time to defund ACORN the anti-poverty organization that closed its doors way back in Spring 2010. That’s right, once again, we have to unearth the discussion about how idiotic … read more