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Get Covered America buttons are seen during a training session in Chicago

The ObamaCare Success Stories You Aren’t Hearing

Liberal Media my ass! The Corporate Media has taken a rather right-leaning (or at least sympathetic) tone to the debate on the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare), ignoring the success stories in favor of the one or two people that are having a bad experience.

Get Covered America buttons are seen during a training session in Chicago

Read my recent article on the subject for the breakdown on the empty right-wing argument that the media is being sympathetic to for more info on that. For the success stories, check out this LA Times article on some of the big success that have already occurred under the Affordable Care Act.

By the way, I went to Covered California and was instantly eligible for insurance. It took 5 minutes. I am covered by my employer, though if I leave, it’s nice to know that I can get insurance, since I could not under the previous system

Meanwhile, try not to get disheartened by the Corporate Media’s big push to discredit Obama’s attempt to bring health care to the disenfranchised. These CEOs who lean on their news divisions get all their news from the Wall Street Journal editorial page, which has always been a source for crackpot theories that justify the Survival of the Fittest economic Darwinism of the Super Elite.

Why just tonight on the NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, they focused on a lady who had such good insurance, it was subject to the Cadillac Insurance Tax, that taxes the lavish plans we all wish we had to help subsidize the poor people who can’t afford insurance (aka, the people the media was crying about last week). Today, however, let’s cry about this lady who is in crutches because she just had surgery and she looks pathetic enough, even if she lives in a freaking mansion of a house and can likely afford the extra thousand bucks her surgery WOULD HAVE COST. That’s right, she isn’t even a victim but she is a whiny, rich, complaining advocate for the status quo. Cry me a river! Especially when the decision to change her plan came from her employer, not the ACA.

Business people aren’t stupid, their just cheap (at least when it comes to their employees). So using ObamaCare as an excuse to raise your stake in your insurance is a smart tactic. It doesn’t mean they weren’t going to do it to this lady even without the law (big business has been secretly wishing for single-payer insurance so they don’t have to pay for it anymore), as employers have been looking to shed their stake in the “greatest healthcare system in the world” for decades.


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