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Trumped! The Republican Party Faces It’s Own Monster

Well between the drinking game talk and the fun of seeing Donald Trump, the orange haired overcompensator,  chastise the entire Republican field (or the only ones that mattered), I jumped at the chance to join a party for the first and only GOP debate I will watch. Watching a loser like Trump, give the trump card to even bigger losers was a laugh riot! Yet I can’t help but feel, ‘what goes around, comes around’ as the Republicans and Conservatives face their own monster of their own creation: A reality show bigot using marketing words to impress an aging base of old white men.


The Debate

First off, Trump won the debate. The pathetic Fox “news” establishment was prepared to ambush him… they failed… miserably and for no fault but their own. How is it possible that an organization that partly employs Trump, also is too stupid to employ any journalist worth their salt to combat him? Megyn Kelly was so lousy the PC card Trump played actually made sense! At first, I thought perhaps they are in the tank for him, though I doubt they would throw their top rated personality out with the bathwater, as they did a few days later, more on that later.

Why did he win? Because he survived and was interesting. The bar is low on weak candidates (ask Sarah Palin), just looking credible is enough to win the debate, and out of 17 candidats, he was at the middle. He looked like a CEO, something Trump hasn’t been for a looong time. In a pure Republican debate where people have choked hard, and still survived (for God’s sake, Rick Perry was on this stage), the bar was even lower.

Sure, Trump is a total idiot. He’s actually doing even more damage to the party than they were prepared to do to themselves. They know they need Latinos, the young, the people of color and the gender they sometimes forget exists, aka women, but they do everything they can to offend all of these and are creating a catastrophe that has been tried and tested in California, where they can’t win a state-wide office if it could cure their own Cancer (which is a fitting analogy). I know Trump’s a chump, but he says all the same crap his opponents say, just with a little more pep. That makes him Republican 2.0. A bad program that is programmed bad. Trump is a man with an immigrant wife that whines about overturning the 14th Amendment (our birth-right and marriage right to citizenship, it also enforced the end of slavery), but his own birthplace is questionable. I would put big money in one of his failing casinos that he couldn’t pass a citizenship test to save his life. I took one and got a nearly perfect score, just FYI.

Trump_DopeAgainst Rosie O’Donnell (who was mentioned in the debate as an insult), Trump had a hard time. Against the Republican field, it was all Trump, he was the only entertaining aspect! These douche-bag Republicans created a monster and he has a diamond encrusted, gold-plated name, but underneath is toxic radioactive uranium.

When asked if any candidate would run as a third party against the Republican clique, Trump was the sole candidate to raise his hand. The Fox crowd tried to make him look like a traitor but they just kept losing. No matter what they called Trump on, he would either change the subject or go on the offensive. Just like a Republican or a reality show host, it’s getting hard to tell the difference. Imagine that?

Now, many in the GOP circus may find this to be the “umph” that they need to push them over the wire, but that wire is electrified. Hillary Clinton is definitely vulnerable, but the pathetic display of people tripping over themselves to give tax breaks to their rich overlords, should tell anyone that was watching this debate that the Republican Party primary matters as much as the next round of Keno in any Vegas hotel. I forget which Republican has casino owner Sheldon Adelson (The Venetian, Palazzo, etc.) on their side, I believe it’s Rubio but don’t take that to the cage, though I’ll bet he knocked over his chips watching this stupid debate.


Megyn Kelly

Then there was that whole thing about Trump calling Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly (the only one that asked any tough questions), basically a woman on her rag.

“you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever. (NOSE). Just got on w/thought

He says “nose” but you know what he meant. It’s her time of the month so… ya know. Can’t trust those women. I can only speculate that in his own warped mind he was thinking this was a shot across the bow at Hillary. The sad part is, Fox News first protested than relented. Sorry Megyn. I guess women don’t really matter in their little world.

The funny part is, her questions were fair, and fair to conservatives. Do they know that Trump is a huge contributor to the Clinton Foundation. Don’t take my word for it, listen to the real deal himself explain it.

Nothing seems to phase the Trump. He insults people, he gets away with it. Of all the things that he thinks he’s good at, this seems to be the one thing he actually is good at. Every day it’s someone new. He’s already insulted Latinos. If you think that’s ‘Liberal propaganda’ you be the judge:

“When do we beat Mexico at the border? They’re laughing at us, at our stupidity. And now they are beating us economically. They are not our friend, believe me. … When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They are bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

He insults women (see above), and he insults entire corporations. For a businessman, he never learned to keep his mouth shut. Maybe because he is a spoiled brat who never had to work a day in his life and is even been forced out of his own company, having bankrupted it so many times. How the hell do you go broke running a casino?

hqdefaultIt is a true testament to the failures of capitalism that a bonehead like Trump can not only continue to live of his daddy’s fortune, not only continue to make money but can even run for President of the most powerful country in the world. Truly sad.

So not only is Trump bad for business, he’s bad for his new-found party. Yes, Trump was once a Democrat but today Jerry Springer would have a better chance at getting the Democratic nomination and that isn’t even a joke (Jerry Springer was once the mayor of Cleveland and a common member of the Democratic delegation), so Chump turned to the only place that would take him: The Republicans. I honestly question his loyalty to any of the things he says. Don’t you?

The Republican base, these days, seems to be old white men and prude, predominantly white married older women (the same kind of dry women that supported prohibition and barely supported a women’s right to vote). Have Republicans even spoken to a young person or a “Latino”? We know they see Black people on TV or at the movies (though not the “Straight Outa Compton” black people, I mean Will Smith). Do they think Cubans are the same as Mexicans and Mexicans are the same as El Salvadorians and El Salvadorians are the same as Puerto Ricans? I bet the closest they have come to a “Latino” is at a Taco Bell after picking their drunk kid up at a frat party (lowering themselves to those ‘ruffians’), and calling that crap “Mexican food” is the exact way the Republicans see the people that do the hard work in this country. Just as many generations of immigrants from Italy to Poland to China have been stereotyped before.

These old white folk don’t like the changing times. They live in the Mad Men era in their heads, where white men ruled everything but taxes were high (especially on the rich), government spending was high, unions were at their apex of power and everyone else was a second class citizen. Maybe we just got that last one wrong and everything else was right?

My Theory

I have this theory , it’s nice and simple, that one in four people are idiots. Race, color, creed, religion, none of that factors in. It’s just that you can count on about a quarter of all people being stupid. These people vote against their own interest (which today means, voting Republican or conservative) and they subscribe to stupid viewpoints. Now that doesn’t mean that you and I are superior. No. We are all stupid some of the time. It just happens at a velocity of a 25 people per 100. ratio: 1 in 4. Some people are dumb on Tuesdays, other people are dumb most of the time, though we are all stupid some of the time. I’m sure you love to think you are the best car driver in the world but odds are, you’ve had an accident. That was your moment of stupidity, and don’t feel bad, you are in good company, as I said, we are all stupid some of the time.

150617094658-jon-stewart-donald-trump-780x439Look at Trump’s numbers and you see this theory play out. Even out of Republicans, he can’t get more than a quarter but that’s what he’s hovering around. Even Republicans know they have to get rid of this guy but they can’t decide on which other moron to rally behind (shhh. It’s Jeb).

Fortunately for the country, the hatred and vitriol of these idiots is becoming part of the Republican brand. While they stand for lower wages and tax cuts for rich people, it’s the racism and sexism that will ultimately sink them. I mean, think about brands. I still don’t eat at that anti-gay chicken place because I have gay friends and relatives. One of the secret herbs and spices is hate. That is what is taking the Republican party down for an entire generation.

Ask California Republicans. Start by asking them the last time they won a state-wide office. After Republican Governor Pete Wilson and the protests of Prop 187, in which I am proud to say I took part in, Wilson got the remaining old white coalition together and got reelected. Problem with basing your party’s political fortunes on old people is that they die… and they did. By 2000 the Republican Party in California was finished. They now hold so few offices, the once beloved two thirds threshold they worked hard to put in place and trick the people into believing in (causing log jams and government inefficiency, which they work so tirelessly to prove) is meaningless.

Some day it will turn around but as long as Republicans hate the growing Latino population, talk smug to women who choose to work and not get married, throw hatred at the new immigrants from all over the world, they will find that even natural conservative people will turn away from them.

Capitalism is based on cheap labor so you’d think the party of the rich, the Republicans, would embrace immigrants. Somehow, it just didn’t work out that way, and as California goes, trust me, so will the nation.

Chump can’t win and everyone knows it, but he has brought a new label to the Republican brand. It’s an ugly one that is probably of inferior quality since they hate the very people that have made their luxurious lives possible.

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