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March Madness – Jon Stewart Calls Out The Right

On the last three Daily Shows, Jon Stewart made the Republicans the butt of a whole spectrum of funny  jokes, which continued this week with the wrap up of CPAC (the Conservative Woodstock). The last week Republicans have given Stewart and company so much material, there is no way to show it all to you, so I encourage you to check out the full episodes.

Playing Politics with Veterans

First, Jon Stewart,  made a call to shame the Republicans who killed a bill recently that would fund wounded veterans of the Iraq and Afghan Wars by attaching a rider about sanctions for Iran while simultaneously crying about how much it would cost.

The irony, is as stunning as it is outrageous!


Many of these same Republicans, like Senator and failed Presidential hopeful John McCain, not only voted for both the Afghan and Iraq Wars, voted to spend trillions of dollars in defense spending and tanks that the Army has said they do not need. Many of these same Republicans, are trying to force cuts to food stamps (which by the way go to MANY veterans) so they can raise the defense budget to fund America’s next latest, greatest war. Many of these same Republicans are crying about Iran, saying that invading a country three times the size of Iraq and has an even more radical anti-American population, is a wise strategic decision. Many of these same Republicans are whinning to their naive base about how getting into a War in the Ukraine with Russia is a smart thing to do.

These guys are wrong so much you they don’t know what’s right, both morally and intelligently. So why should we listen to these guys now?

When you take up the charge of war, you must be prepared to pay the cost of war. You need the moral and ethical ability to understand that you are sending young men and women into harm’s way. You are taking these people from the prime of their life and sending them to a place where other people are trying to kill them. You are sending them to a place where their own friends may accidentally kill them. You are sending them a place where many WILL lose their lives, many will come back disfigured, both mentally and physically, destined to live the rest of their lives unable to work a good steady job, to get the education that was promised to them and to provide for their families, who now must not only deal with the loss of income, they must often find ways to care for their disabled loved ones.

Even a Roman general knew that the key to winning a war was through satisfying the needs of your soldiers, before, during and after the battle. That is what happens when you bleed in battle together. With the exception of John McCain, almost all of the remaining Republican Party are war hawks who haven’t served a day in their life anything other than their greedy corporate billionaire masters.

Perhaps they feel like a bunch of wusses, so they over-compensate by pretending to be macho.  Though even that act looks pretty fake these days, especially when so many of the anti-gay Republicans turned out to be gay, this fact seems especially poignant.

Either way, they are destroying this country, perhaps intentionally, by bankrupting it through war in an effort to force spending cuts in government regulations for their corporate lords.

Vlad the Invader

Which brings us to the next topic, which demonstrates that their loyalty to the Commander in Chief of the United States is lesser than cheap politics and a love of staunch conservative Russian Leader and former KGB agent, Vladimir Putin.


You can almost hear the Dean Martin track “That’s Amore” playing in the background! Maybe we ought to give these guys a room together and they can have one of their creepy Eye’s Wide Shut parties that billionaire, conservative weirdos throw.

Conservatives admire Putin’s conservatism, his dictatorial style, his anti-gay, pro-military, pro-business, oil drilling, propaganda spreading image because, much like St. Reagan, their hero and deity, he projects strength. Ironically, just like Reagan, it’s all fake and only a conservative could fall for something so schmaltzy and obvious.

It is really destructive to the strategic situation and it undermines the credibility of Obama and Kerry as they try to force Putin back in line in a part of the world that is on Russia’s doorstep and therefore dominated by Russia. Trying to score cheap points at home is not helpful to this country and if a Democrat had done the same thing, they would call it treason.


C-PAC Run, C-PAC Fail

This year’s CPAC, The Conservative Political Action Committee, has failed to garner much attention. Just more Obama bashing, liberal bashing, gay bashing, minority bashing,  and of course the love for the NRA, guns, and not much else, with the usual mean spirited jokes that only a conservative would find funny.

As usual, Jon is the master of this situation:


The funny thing is that while Conservatives are so confident that they are going to dominate this year’s elections, which is a possibility, they have never been more of a joke in US history. They are laughably transparent and can’t even evoke the phony masculinity without looking like a bunch of wusses pretending to be tough. It’s pathetic. The amount of lies and propaganda and deceit to further their pro-billionaire agenda has never been more obvious, yet so many people are too stupid to see through it.

Really America? You can’t see through this: