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Socialized Medicine is Smart Medicine

reagan speaks out against socialized medicine

I stumbled across this blog that lays out a fantastic argument in favor of Obama’s healthcare plan. It discusses the numbers and lays forth a rather important point: that the cost of Obama’s “socialized medicine” costs the same as 4 months of the Iraq War.

If Obama’s plan, which relies heavily on the private sector is socialized medicine, then the Iraq War is socialized war, which is far less productive. The amounts of money procured by companies like Blackwater (which was started by a very wealthy war nut) and Halliburton, serve very few people and ultimately redistribute our hard earned tax dollars to a class of rich war hawks. It also establishes a mercenary army, but I digress.

The fear of Socialism, originates with the rich. They have hijacked the American agenda and forced us to fear spending on social services and less income disparity because it is communist. They point to Stalin and scare the average Joe by using patriotic mumbo jumbo. “Free market capitalism is the American way, do you hate America? You do if you’re communist!” How does universal healthcare make the leap to Stalin? The Conservatives are masters of guile and deceit, aren’t they?

The truth is they fear Communism because it would effectively end their aristocratic class. They fear Socialism because it would limit it. It’s not that they are evil, they are just addicted to power. They say power is the greatest addiction and that power corrupts. You need not look further than a security guard to see proof of this theory. Why does a billionaire need more billions? Power! This may seem as though it has nothing to do with health care but it does. The sad fact is that the rich don’t want to pay for your health care. They think they got rich all by themselves and want to keep the whole pie to themselves. They certainly can’t eat the whole pie, but they want it, because you can’t have any!

They didn’t make all that cash themselves. Does a general get all the credit for fighting a war? Hell no, because men and women bleed for their glory. The rich seem to easily forget that. They are standing on our soldiers, not their own merits.

Another thing about the plutocrats in this country push is that they pay more taxes and that isn’t fair. Then they turn around and accuse the welfare users of taking advantage of the system. These are the same people that use American tax dollar enterprises, like the ports, like the roads, power & utilities, not to mention the fire department, the police department and the military which all make business in this country safe, stable and viable. They take advantage of the government funded education system, to staff their companies with smart people. They take advantage of huge government contracts, trade deals and of course, government bail outs. Plus they dump all their workers with no health care coverage on to the county health care system (like Walmart), which the taxpayer foots the bill for. They love government when it pays, then bitch and moan about it when the bill comes due.

socialized medicine is universal healthcare

Fire departments, police departments, government trade organization (ie: FTC, FAA, FCC, SEC) and the military are all socialized fire, police, trade and defense. The only thing missing on this list si health care, and it’s about time we added it! They profit from it in the long run anyway!

It’s not only fair to charge them more taxes, it’s good for the economy as it puts more cash in the marketplace and allows more small businesses to rise up, translating into more jobs, more competition and a stronger marketplace. This is why a progressive tax system is good for the very system they rely so heavily on.

Health care is already left to the taxpayer with the county system, what we need to do is start charging the rich corporations to pay for it. If they decide to take their business elsewhere, we need to punish them severely. Some call this protectionism, I call it smart business. More jobs in the U.S. means more money to buy stuff, which means more manufacturers of stuff, which means more jobs. We need to be self reliant, with a strong, healthy work force. This is why health care is important to employers.

Health care is not a luxury, it is a right. It is also smart business. It’s about time the people who take the most advantage of all the system has to offer, the rich, start to drill that into their thick, power-corrupted skulls, and it is up to we the people to do it!