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As Glenn Beck’s Ratings Fall, Is He Just a Bad Parody That is Getting Old?

Glenn Beck is Dave Foley

Keith Olbermann recently talked about Glenn Beck’s uncanny similarity to Dave Foley of Kids in the Hall fame. If you haven’t seen it, be prepared to laugh at the similarities. It is absolutely uncanny that this comedian some 15 or so years ago could see that far into the future. Or is Beck simply ripping off something from 15 years past?

How can you take this guy seriously when just today, Glenn Beck went off on an anti-Mother’s day tirade?

No wonder Glenn Beck’s ratings are falling, down 30% from January and down sharply from his peaks around the health care frenzy, he’s just a bad caricature of a right-wing fanatic in the first place, how can people possibly take him serious for very long?

Funny thing, Foley used to make us laugh because he was portraying the loud mouthed, connie, Wall St. loving, business GOPer who used communism to scare the middle-of-the-roaders with fear of a coming epidemic of socialism. At the time it seemed extreme and it was funny.

Today, while it is still hilarious to see Beck rant and rave with his misspelled words and cry like a little baby, now it isn’t an exaggeration. Beck is even more extreme than Foley and he actually has people that follow him, albeit, less than 1% of the population. It is the same fear that coaxes upper-middle class voters to dislike the lower classes (and yet they fear class warfare), the same fear of someone, anyone (immigrants, gays), the same fear of socialism and communism, only now it’s a fear of Elitism (which makes me laugh since Republicans have always been the party of the corporate elite), Revelation and Secularism (what’s Christian about hating the poor and loving money?) and a bunch of talk about Liberty and Tyranny (which is also hilarious not just because of Bush and the Patriot Act, but because of the recent immigration law). The connies are all revved up about an invisible communist army, and the imperial Presidency that they seemed to love under they’re champion Bush.

It’s all quite ironic and hilarious at the same time.

Now that FOX has pulled Beck from their promotions and his advertising is literally so unattractive to advertisers that they’ve had to scrape together laughable ad’s like that seed investment scam thing and oh of course, those Cash 4 Gold clones.

Since Rupert Murdoch muzzled Hannity away from a Tea Party a few weeks back and is telling his staff to not publicly promote the Tea-Baggers, it seems that the over-arching political winds have shifted.

Expect more of things like this to come.