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Poor, sad hamburger clown, he cries himself to sleep with his billions.

McDonald’s: Deep Fried Injustice with a Side of Insult to Injury

It seems that those who slave over vats of hot oil and grills painted with grease are beginning to unionize and the folks at Mikey Ds and the wonderful subset of our media that is devoted to the well being of billionaires and millionaires, aka Fox News and its flagging sister network Fox Business, are getting the runs faster than if they just ate 3 Doritos Loco tacos with a side McNuggets.

Poor, sad hamburger clown, he cries himself to sleep with his billions.

Poor, sad hamburger clown, he cries himself to sleep with his billions.

While McDonald’s raked in billions in profits during the recession, because many people could not afford to eat out anywhere else, they passed on zero dollars in these profits to the people who did all the hard work.

I’m not saying that a business has an obligation to pay employees, what I’m saying is that there are limits to how much you can screw your own employees. Like say, for instance, you can’t force your employees to literally screw you, you can’t openly hire based on race, gender or sexual orientation, you can’t hire children and you can’t force your works to work more than 8 hours a day. If you do, you have to pay them overtime. So why is setting a bare minimum for what you can pay them any different?

The minimum wage has not kept pace with inflation so I really don’t feel sorry for employers who are crying now because their extra profit machine is under threat. I guess they may have to sell that extra house in the Cayman Islands!

I also don’t feel sorry for a company that offers an inferior product with happy toys and fun marketing movie tie-ins to hook the little ones with fun commercials while they are too young to form a cohesive opinion. Especially since the product they offered for most of my life was an engineering marvel of empty calories and preservatives, including trans-fats (remember when Mickey D’s cried about trans fats?)

You should be grateful for any job you poor idiot. Why can’t you just do what I did and get mommy and daddy to use their rich connections to get me a job at a popular television network?

Geez, I don’t understand you poor people. Can’t you just go out and start a business?

Did you know that Tea Party financier David H. Koch recently lamented that the minimum wage literally trains Americans into being too lazy to start their own business?

Wait! If everyone started their own business… who would work for them? Doesn’t this seem naive knowing that capitalism is built on 3 factors: 1. Capital, 2. cheap resources and of course 3. CHEAP LABOR!

Are these people for real?

I think they actually think they are! Yet we don’t have to treat them as such.

Can you believe that? The Cuvoto’s little $2.22 an hour job, which he was so gleeful was worth so much less than these rich idiots with their fancy schmancy $7.25 an hour wage, adjusted for inflation was more than $9 an hour in today’s wages!!! This is what we call either deliberately misleading your audience or just plain stupidity.

It seems all it takes to be on the Fox Network is an ability to sell your soul and suck up to those who make a whole lot more money than you. Welcome to Obama’s America!

Well, those jobs at Fox are the only pathetic jobs that are the direct result of the President. Our problems go back more than 30 years.

Inflation and greed have turned the once menial jobs that taught teens the value of a dollar and turned them into living wage jobs. Paper boys have been replaced with creepy middle-aged adults who drive around in trucks with several helpers of questionable legal status. That happy smiling 15 year old girl with braces at McDonald’s has been replaced with a middle-aged minority who has another job on the side to feed his or her family. Even the crappy job I once had at Staples as a 15 year old, not so many years ago, is now filled these days with late twenty-somethings and up, older people and sadly, even some of the same people that worked there when I did!

I will tell you one thing. I have worked my ass off at every job I’ve had but I never had it so bad when I worked at Staples, the pathetic, job-killing stationary company that not only ruined your local stationary store owned by someone who lived in your neighborhood, it was financed by Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital, so you know it’s a money making scam.

Yet imagine if Mitt Romney openly called people who worked at his own businesses lazy?

Enter, Fox News again.

You’ve all heard the arguments about Welfare right? Lazy people are living off your tax dime, driving around in limos and eating steak 3 night a week? Well aside from this being a divisive and manufactured argument, did you not it also applies to those who work their asses of for a living but get underpaid with dirt wages?


It’s amazing you’d think these people never watched Fight Club. Remember that Haiku poem?

Worker bees can leave
Even drones can fly away
The queen is their slave

Yet this crowd seems a bit on the “high art” side so I doubt they would be familiar with the works of David Fincher and Chuck Palhnuik. Perhaps this video illustrates it, just a little bit better:

If you aren’t jumping up and down already screaming about how the proletariat has been screwed by big business and their investment bank buddies yet, well, we’ve got just one more for you.

The Golden Arches actually put out a video to guide these lazy stupid poor people on their finances so they can get the most out of their pathetic little salary.

Colbert went through their entire guide and found that Mickey D’s own estimates counted on you having a second job and, this is not a joke, no heating bill!

I am just aghast at how out of touch the people that run the world’s business are!


I am in complete solidarity with the strikers at McDonalds and I hope that not only can they unionize, that Walmart, Target and the restaurant chains such as Chili’s, Applebees, etc. can unionize too. If these people have more money, it means that they have more money to spend on products and services which only helps me in the end.

I couldn't agree more!

I couldn’t agree more!

If you are an entrepreneur, you should believe in a strong middle-class. A strong middle-class starts with livable wages.