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Chris Mathews Humiliates Rightie Pundit Kevin James & Other YouTube Moments

kevin james is an idiot

Chris Mathews, who sways and bends with the political breeze is often a bit of a curmudgeon, however he tolerates all points of view, all frames of mind. His love of the political game is what seems to keep him going. What he doesn’t seem to tolerate is outright, baseless political jockeying, oh and one more thing: outright stupidity!

In comes Right-Wing Conservative talk show host Kevin James. Fresh from his radio show, talking up Bush’s recent diplomatic swipe at Obama and his weak argument that it’s similar to the Munich Conference (the same Munich Conference that gave Hitler everything he wanted to avert World War II, which obviously failed). James, however did not know even this much about one of the most talked about diplomatic events in history. He instead, thought he could talking point his way out of the enclosing box being inflicted on him by Mathews.

Click Here if video doesn’t show.

Only it didn’t work, and in his desperation, tried every Right-Wing trick in the book to no avail. Mathews had the 2nd tier talk show host cornered, and when it became clear that he was defeated, he refused to concede, adding this pathetic element to the whole situation. Apparently that’s what Mathews thought, “This is pathetic!” he decreed. For once, I completely agreed.

To top it off he STILL wouldn’t shut up, and as his voice got more annoying and wimpy as the time carried on, he topped it all off with one more event. His counterpart on the Left, Air America’s Mark Green told James “When you’re in a whole Kevin, stop digging.” Good advice, not taken as James continued to talk and talk and talk till his face was read and his voice began to crack like a teenage boy asking a girl out on a date. Green also advised James to read a prominent book about 9-11, in which James responded “ you should watch pathway to 9-11”, a dramatized fictional TV Movie about 9-11. LOL! Now doesn’t that make sense! The man probably prepared for the interview watching World War II movies and looking at himself in the mirror. What an empty-headed maroon!

Talk about self-destruction, he screwed up so bad, they’ve deactivated the link to his bio on KRLA, his home radio station (of course I found it, if you care). Plus the blogosphere has come alive with comments on his disastrous performance and brutal history lesson. Better get out the old want-ads Kevie boy!

You know things are bad for the Right when they have pundits like Kevin James on their team. His recent “performance” on pundit Chris Mathews’ show Hardball proves finally, that an empty mind can succeed in the Conservative radio circuit. He plain and simply underscores everything that is wrong with that scene. Reality is NOT simple. Easy answers sound good however often fail in execution. It takes brilliant men of ideas to run this country, not empty, phony simpletons to lead the free world! Now there’s a swipe for you.

Man this has been a week for YouTube flubs. O’Reilly’s clip is nothing short of amazing. Plus you have two or three more. Like Clinton Campaign Manager Terry McAuliffe trying to tell Tim Russert that his dead father would be in support of Hillary staying in the race. Well Terry should have asked “Big Rus” himself, since he was still alive!

What a flub!

Than lastly, since Mathews and McAuliffe are mentioned in this article, we have the good old fashioned “douche off” displayed on the Daily Show.

It’s available here for viewing.

Keep em’ coming boys! I never get sick of politicians and pundits making fools of themselves!