Richism, the New Civil Rights Cause from the Right

The cause of civil rights is the cause of humanity. So we must be do diligent. So according to the World English Dictionary:

 civil rights
 — pl n
 1. the personal rights of the individual citizen, in most countries upheld by law, 
as in the US
 2. ( modifier ) of, relating to, or promoting equality in social, economic, 
and political rights

Did you know that people are being discriminated against every day that go under the radar? Perhaps it’s just the Liberal Media that is conspiring to keep these folks down because their cause needs to be heard and helped…

It is the cause of billionaires.

Yes it is true. Many billionaires are being discriminated against and it needs to stop. In a recent New Yorker article, former Obama supporter turned Romney supporting freedom fighter, Leon Cooperman, has made it his personal cause to fight against the discrimination that has been hurting billionaires since 2008, when Obama was elected.

It’s easy to see how these rich souls could be discriminated against. At a meeting of the SkyBridge Alternatives Conference, known as SALT in Las Vegas with the likes of Al Gore (who was against our beloved freedom fighter) and dozens of the world’s most powerful people, who control the banks, the wages, the media, the everything you will never even dream of, a discussion over an eight-course meal including blinis with caviar; a fennel, grapefruit, and pomegranate salad; cocoa-encrusted beef tenderloin; and blue-cheese panna cotta, the truth about America’s most discriminated against minority had a discussion that echoed everything Mitt Romney said about the 47% and further upped the ante to include themselves as victims in a world gone anti-rich, thanks to Obama, who wants to do the audacious act of raising their taxes, not on the first $250,000, but the next million or so that they make per year by a whopping 3%, essentially bringing us back to Clinton levels.

What is he, Stalin?

Yes it is true. Our beloved Obama, leader of all people in this country, has chosen to single out the poor rich Americans because they simply pay a lower tax-rate than everyone else because they make most of their income in investments, which they don’t actually work for, so it isn’t fair.

I know what you’re thinking. It isn’t exactly firehoses and Doberman Pinschers thrown against a helpless group of people, desperately trying to have an equal place at the table, struggling to get the right to vote and the right to good schools that were clearly inferior to schools in their neighborhood for other American citizens (a right those same individuals are still fighting for) but you’re missing the point.

Rich people clearly have it hard in this country. When Obama asks them to pay their fair share of taxes that guys like Cooperman have currently been paying in the 15% range at the Capital Gains tax-rate, which is lower than most middle-class families and equal to most poor 47% families, this is an affront to, why capitalism itself! This could hurt business if they made less profits. Don’t you see how this is bad for America?!?! You clearly should! If you don’t then you don’t see that the cold hand of Marxist-Fascism (:P) is coming for you. Look out! You don’t know where that hand has been. It could have been in a coal mine. or stitching a football jersey in Pakistan. Is this hand having relations with the invisible hand of the market? How gross!

At that meeting  in April at the Bellagio, they were forced to endure Sarah Palin talking. She literally opened with “Hello, one per cent! How y’all doing!” and the dinner was forced to use only the finest caviar and cocoa-encrusted beef tenderloin. What? No filet mignon? How pedestrian!

Chart Showing Income Inequality in the United States

Income Inequality is a phenomenon that needs more study and is completely unrelated to the economic policies of the Republican Party that have been in place for that past 30 years.

Can you see now how much they suffer? When Cooperman suggests that this was how Nazi Germany started, doesn’t that make sense to you? When another Silicon Valley “entrepreneur” T. J. Rodgers, compares Barack Obama’s treatment of the rich to the oppression of ethnic minorities, isn’t that the kind of thing that makes you want to go out and hit those angry mobs with a Howitzer that want to lynch you based on the amount in your wallet? Isn’t it time we all stand up for this oppressed minority! They are the 1% after all.

Let’s raise the banner everywhere for the rich so the rich can be appreciated! If we need some cash to design, print and hang the banners, why, they have plenty of it! Perhaps they can employ us to like them and dance around and sing merry jingles. Mitt can throw a gold bullion every time one of us says sports instead of the correct and “rich” way to say it, “sport”. We can all drink hot cocoa and sing melodies about freedom. It would be great and probably pretty cheap when you think about it (as ridiculous as it sounds it would beat Mitt Romney’s “Jobs” Bill). Showering us with phony love comes pretty cheap.

Shouldn’t we stop listening to the vitriolic hate coming from the poor and downtrodden that is in the streets and on the airwaves every day so much that I can always go join an anti-rich rally if I wanted to? Instead, let’s stop and listen to the vitriolic hate that is coming at us from the world’s most powerful people! Isn’t it time that we stop blaming the people in charge of the system and start blaming ourselves instead?

Can I help?

Why yes you can!

Send your money in an envelope to any of the 5-10 houses of anyone mentioned in the New Yorker article  or you can just go out and buy stuff from any corporate retail organization, because after all, they control everything don’t they? For the cost of 3 cups of coffee a day, you can have one very expensive coffee with a funny Italian name made by a kid who knows as much about being a barista as being a circus clown, brewed from only the finest beans that were hand-picked by lazy government dependents and their families from the quaint but notable Latin American countries. Never mind the wars, coups, banking scandals and other stuff that we did to virtually every Latin American nation between the years of 1846 and the present, that was just business.

In return we will send you a lovely computer printed bill that frames all of your purchases. Spend enough and we will send you a commemorative edition legal brief which will detail in lovely computer-printed script, how we are going to take your good name and ruin it all around the world over a few measly bucks. You can place this lovely collector’s edition shaming on your wall for all to see! It also makes a lovely coffee coaster as well.

If you act now, we will also include a free speech from Mitt Romney that calls you lazy and government dependent even though you work 40+ hours and are only getting a few tax-subsidies (how pedestrian) and a few hours sleep, yet as good old Cooperman says: “Only a fool pays taxes that you don’t have to pay,” And spending time with your kids? What are we now? A daycare center?

That is an actual quote of Mitt Romney put to the depiction of Lucille Bluth from Arrested Development, played by actress Jessica Walter. Her character is a rich snob who hates everybody who doesn’t work for a living and she herself doesn’t actually work for a living. See what this is doing? Find more of this garbage at

So join the fight to make rich people equal in our society. It’s called Progressivism. Let’s get real! It includes fair tax codes for everyone and a simplified tax system for businesses and families. It eliminates subsidies for oil and other useless industries we are keeping afloat, including Cold War weapons of war and retools them to fight the wars we have in front of us, including Climate Change, and it closes loopholes for tax-cheats like Romney, excuse me, alleged tax-cheats, while bringing  jobs home by giving tax credits to those who realize that shipping costs to China are expensive and the best damn labor force in the world is in the United States!

You can believe in America the warrior, the laborer and the brilliant scientist, or you can believe in America the victim. Sadly, if even the richest among us want to be “Latino” as Mitt said, to great fantasy, then maybe too many people are getting the wrong idea about what made this country great.

Yet you know better!

Operators are standing by!

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