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Republicans Vote for Keystone Pipeline, Give Middle Finger to Obama, God’s Creation, the US & World

In an act of defiance that is so dumb in its strategy it almost appears something a naïve and comical super villain would do, the Republicans voted to extend the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to New Orleans, giving precious Tar Sands Oil to the Chinese people. It’s a transcontinental super highway of oil that benefits international oil companies 100% the Canadians 100% (because they voted down a similar pipeline across their pristine wilderness and decided to punt it to the stupid Americans) the Chinese 50% (because the rates won’t be good) and the American people 5% at best. Made only more obvious because Obama is certain at this point to veto it, leaving worries about the Democratic party that abandoned him in 2014 to Hillary and morons like Chuck Schumer.

It’s like a big dumb idiot beating up a pet store owner to pet a few rabbits: Ah gee cousin Larry, I really wanted to feel the oil run into the Mex’Ecan Golf so I can feel them there oil run through the hairs of all them dead rabbits! So oily!

A classic example of how the “New Congress”, which is perhaps the lamest and most uninspired Congressional slogan in history is going to be just as lame and uninspired. Good work America! I’m looking at you pretentious idiots who brag that you didn’t vote. Dumbf**k.

So nothing continues to happen, all because America decided that voting and stuff is like too damn hard, then bitches and moans about the system. YOU IDIOTS don’t get to do both, it is not mutually exclusive.

In any case, Obama has used the Veto pen less than any President since James Garfield, who was shot 4 months in to his presidency, so I’m guessing that is why his pen dried out. Obama didn’t need to veto anything, because this Congress is the do-nothingnest in history.

So get ready for the Republican party to pretend it can govern by not governing at all and instead acting more like a school yard bully who some how became hall monitor.

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