Republican Favorability Slips to 28% Post Government Shutdown

The Republican brand has now slipped to the lowest level ever recorded since they began polling for party favorability. mmj6rr5b6kem323wnfrlvaRepublicans stand at a 28% faborability rating, and the Tea Party is even lower, while Obamacare, the cause they used to shutdown the Federal Government, actually ticked up in popularity. They also seemed to prove that the government is actually pretty valuable as well! Ahh, poor Republicans. As usual, Jon Stewart says it best… Yes, Cancer patients, including children, lost valuable time while their clinical trials were delayed. Veterans of WWII were kept out of their own memorials. The National Parks were shuttered, costing hundreds of millions in lost tourism revenue and further impact to the surrounding area (travel transportation, restaurants, gift shops, etc.). Oh, and we even had a break out of salmonella that the reduced FDA could not stop. The effects were widespread and wildly felt, while many employees kept on the job without pay continued to do their job, at home and abroad. Catching terrorists, keeping the planes from crashing into each other and serving in the Afghanistan War, even if their families didn’t receive their death benefits when they returned home draped in the American flag.shutdown1-555x366 Ultimately, the Shutdown cost American taxpayers $24 Billion. For a party that cries endlessly about spending, that’s the entire cost of the International Space Station for 8 years and equal to the entire operating budget of the Red Cross… TIMES SEVEN! It’s also THREE TIMES the entire budget of Head Start! Just imagine what you could do with that money. Imagine all the good that could be done. Yet instead it was wasted. It was spent on the Republicans trying to prove a point, that ultimately failed and even reduced our Credit rating. It ultimately just went down a hole to fund the Radical Right’s obsession with cutting government programs that cost too much, (even if Obamacare actually reduced the deficit and curbs health care costs, which affects Medicare, the largest slice of the federal budget). 00-us-government-shutdown-political-cartoon-1-17-10-13So after costing us all $24 Billion, who would still think the Republican Party does anything good for this country? Well, apparently, 28% thought it was money well spent! I have said similar things before and I will say it again: The Problem with America is not the 47% of so-called takers (aka veterans, seniors and the disabled), but the 28% of people who stand by the Republican Party now matter how extreme, how radicalized, how wackadoodle they get! So in other words, down with the 28%! Or at least folks, let’s stop listening to them! Because after losing the 2012 election badly, after not being able to take down the President with manufactured scandals, after not being able to win at their own Russian Roulette game of Government Shutdown, and even having what they called the Boomerang Effect where they even made their own causes less popular,  THEY STILL WON’T LEARN! PAY_BACK__24_BILLION Read comments in posts, they haven’t learned anything, nobody picked up a history book (or any book for that  matter) , they’re just more angry then they normally are, which is already at a 10. Now they’re at 11. So instead of saying, Sorry America, we really F’d up and we beg your forgiveness for wasting $24 Billion of your money on an ideological exercise of idiotic proportions, they decided to push for hearing into an investigation of the Obamacare websites. Some people never learn. Sarah Palin, the matriarch of moronics once famously said: “Don’t Retreat, Reload!” However, in reality, it’s ‘Don’t Retreat, Retread!’ Which they will do until they’ve dragged all of us down into the mud with their lousy reactionary ideas, racist tendencies and Randist / Christian values (which as you know is a walking contradiction, just like they are). These people need to be isolated at all costs! That everyone Left of the Extreme-Right must stick together and put aside our differences to make the 28% as irrelevant as possible. The future of our Democracy depends on it!

About Joshua Johnson

For 8 years, Soapblox.com has functioned as the political blog for up and coming writer, Joshua Johnson. While he writes many different styles of writing ranging from science fiction to social commentary, his true love lies in politics and history. With a degree in History from CSUN, his love of history shines through in his perspective. Josh’s articles are focused heavily on telling the truth and cutting through the subjective and relative nature that is prevailing these days. Hailing from the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, Josh has had a decidedly middle-class upbringing, which has translated into a deeply rooted love of the Progressive movement of the early 20th Century. A self-described “progressive” Josh’s political views are quite mixed though lean left of center.


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