Palin – Pop Star, Yet no Reagan!

Palin is a fool

Just a comment on Arriana’s Jungen concept of Mama Grizzley’s ability to fool America.
You can read her article here.

I don’t feel that Palin is any more of a threat that what we give her. Ariana seems terrified. Well, read the rest:

I think you give Palin far too much credit. She is definitely not popular. Popular maybe like a pop-singer who wears obnoxious outfits and makes outlandish statements for attention, since Palin can sell her books and land media deals (despite the fact that her Fox special was a flop and the rumor is her TLC show is heading that way too.)

The point is, Politicians are not pop-stars. They need a majority of Americans to like them, not just a cult following of several million. According to her favorable rating is at 36% while her unfavorable rating is a clear majority 51%. Independents have and always will hate her. That was one of the big things that sunk McCain.

Comparing Palin to Reagan is the wrong tactic. She has no past in acting where people get to know you before your politics, she has no successful career in politics to point to (Reagan was re-elected in California and had been in involved in politics officially since the 1964 GOP Convention). She doesn’t have the charm or charisma of Reagan and doesn’t have movies that people can enjoy even if they don’t like your politics. Besides, the climate has changed and since Reagan, it is far more difficult for an idealist to cross over to the mainstream.

Palin is on the decline. Her endorsements are hurting some candidates, her big picks like Fiorina, Angle, Kelly Ayotte and others are not getting any kind of a boost from their “Mama Grizzly” and her pick in her own state of Alaska is going down to defeat in a Republican Primary. She still has some juice left in her, though the time for this demagogue seems to be running out.

She’s the Meagan Fox of politics. Plucked from nowhere, made into a star, no one knows why, she is good looking but has a head full of air and is incapable of performing her job. Famous for being famous, popular among some yet hated by most.

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