Maddow and Todd vs the Cable Universe


Rachel and Todd yuck it up!

Today’s funny dose comes courteous of MSNBC, and company, as they mock CNN for their slow and ineffective ability to provide the news.

Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow uncovered a moment when Terry McAuliffe’s camp had no idea they had won the election. Why? Because they were watching CNN. Go figure.

Even on the Network’s nightly newscast, CBS and ABC buried the election to the second section. Why, is anybodies guess. My own guesses range from corporate masters leaning in on what was obviously a bad night for Republicans to simply thinking that Americans are disenchanted with the system.

In CNN’s case, Zucker is Mr. Infotainment. If you haven’t seen last night’s Daily Show, this nails it to the T.

Oh, and by the way, since so few people know the face of certified genius of Mike Zucker, the corporate executive that brought you the Conan vs. Leno scandals aka (according to Wikipedia) the 2010 Tonight Show Conflict, oh and drove NBC from the first place network to an embarrassing fourth place, well he’s obviously been photoshopped onto the guy holding the sign that says “smell the news”.

When you compare “let’s go to the couch” so you can watch another advertisement to the dull Morning Joe, it actually makes him seem credible, which is really saying something.

Zucker in the Situation Room

Zucker in the Situation Room

Though Maddow to Hannity or O’Reilly is a joke. Rachel Maddow does her homework, studies an issue, understands it. Meanwhile her FoxNews counterparts have made egregious errors in journalism, one after the other.

Hannity openly edits comments to be misleading (like in Newsroom Season 2) and O’Reilly once attributed a German SS massacre in Malmedy to the US military to justify torture a few years back! WWII Vets called him out on it, but he never owned up to it properly.

So I can forgive MSNBC for a couple jabs. Their competition is either a giant infomercial or a propaganda film.

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