GOP Leader Says N-Word, Admits Voter ID Laws About Suppressing Votes

On last nights The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, funny man Aasif Mandvi nonchalantly got North Carolina Republican Party Chairman Don Yeltin to reveal his true racist self while simultaneously letting the cat out of the bag on the Voter ID Laws they just passed in his state… it’s about keeping Democrats from voting!


This is not as funny as it is shocking, as this man actually uses the n-word on multiple occasions while defending his position that the new voter-id law he passed in his state isn’t racist because it oppresses college kids, poor white people oh and black people too.

 “The law is going to kick Democrats in the butt. If it hurts a bunch of college kids who are too lazy to get up off of their bohunkus and go get a photo ID, so be it. If it hurts the whites, so be it. If it hurts a bunch of lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything, so be it.”


You may ask yourself: How on Earth can a person this stupid get into a leadership position? Well, this is Tea Party North Carolina. Oh and also, the man had to resign as of today.

I have written a piece before about voter ID laws in 2012 that explains where all this began and why it was crazy to begin with. Though since then, the crazy has been really revved up.

The Supreme Court struck down key provisions in the Voting Rights Act, which prevented states from inflicting poll taxes or other restrictions on an American Citizen’s right to vote. Yet Justice Scalia and the Right-Wing of the court argued that racism no longer exists.

Tell that to now unemployed Don Yeltin!

3802831_origAfter the VRA fell, Texas voted its new law in within 24 hours, and North Carolina and other Red States came shortly thereafter.

Even though race is a prime motivator, it is, in the end, about winning elections and inflicting their horrible, radical-right-wing agenda on the American public. They know that they are aging, antiquated and literally dying off breed, so they must hurry before their numbers get too small to stop laws they don’t like to get put in place by the MAJORITY of Americans.

It’s called Democracy, Republican party. You might want to look it up in the dictionary some time.

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