Cowardly Zimmerman Now Blames Obama for His Problems

So George Zimmerman, the idiot who is walking free for the murder of Trayvon Martin, tried one last time the other day, to grab the conservative spotlight he has been steadily losing. He now declares a “clean conscience” implying no guilt or remorse for killing an underage young man, yet blamed Obama for making his life worse. Call the Kleenex Corporation, because the Zim is about to cry a river to rival the Mississippi.

Sadly for him. his headline fell to the wayside within hours, as even the extreme-right wing idiots have grown tired of hearing about the provocative reactions of a middle-aged man who lost a fight to a teenager and shot him. Even blaming everything on Obama, a dramatic cry for help, can’t deter from the con’s latest minority killing heart-throb, Darren Wilson.

Zimmerman makes Joe the Plumber look like a Rhodes Scholar. His actions since the trial are even more crazy than before. He says things to get attention then when nobody cares he gets arrested for beating his girlfriend at the time. He’s a real class act!

It’s always, all about Zimmerman. Have you ever noticed that?  He cried about how he was a victim during the trial, just an innocent man who thought he was a vigilante and accidentally killed a minor that beat him up. Then after the court battle (remember he’s a “marked man” who would have to live with a target on his back till the day he died), and still he carries on with the histrionic self-pity party. Even after numerous domestic violence incidents, it’s still always a conspiracy to bring the Zimm down. It’s the media, or his evil ex-wife and girlfriends.

Is it just me, or is this guy a text book villain on Law and Order: SVU?

Now it’s the President’s fault?

Did Obama tell Zimmerman to patrol the streets at night as a wannabe Neighborhood Watch vigilante?
Did Obama tell Zimmerman to ignore the police and attack an unarmed, underage teenager walking home?
Did Obama cause Zimmerman to get beat up and lose the fight to said teenager?
Did Obama tell Zimmerman to pull out his gun after and cowardly shoot Trayvon Martin?
Did Obama invoke the “Stand Your Ground” law to avoid atoning for his brutal murder?


George Zimmerman got his ass kicked by an underage teenager, yet do these little bruises look like an excuse for murder?

George Zimmerman got his ass kicked by an underage teenager, yet do these little bruises look like an excuse for murder?

Zimmerman’s world is still all about Zimmerman and this middle-aged loser can bask in the idiotic praise from racist conservatives for only so long. They’ve moved on from him to the latest celebrity to kill an unarmed black man, Darren Wilson, and he desperately craves their attention. The other unfortunate fact for the Zimm is that his audience is old, bigoted, isolated and dying off. Those that live prefer the less “un-American” appeal of Darren Wilson. Gee I wonder what they mean?

Zimmerman these days acts like people hopped up on steroids. Given his current looks, I wouldn’t be surprised. Only men with small penises, doubt about their sexuality and “mommy and daddy issues” end up like the “Zimm”. He loves guns, creams for the Clint Eastwood / Charles Bronson vigilante fantasy that only existed in Hollywood and sees himself as a bad ass that ‘roughs up’ his women because they had it coming. What a charmer that he can convince his victims to drop the charges. Just like every wife beater with any ounce of intelligence. I’ll bet you he thinks he’s a pimp. Real life pimps are little more than two-bit scam artists, too lazy to work, too stupid to succeed, but just evil enough to manipulate a young woman.

There’s irony.

For all the racist talk of a 17 year-old kid who ran to the store to get some Skittles and an Arizona ice-tea, being a “street thug” or a “gangsta” or whatever word they substitute for the word these morons would REALLY like to use, it’s Zimmerman, that is the lazy middle-aged, wannabe-pimp loser. He was so self-absorbed, he went on a quest to be some vigilante in a suburban neighborhood. When that failed, he attacked an underage young man and even lost THAT fight. He pulled the last bit of testosterone he had and enacted revenge for his humiliation. Can’t you just see the tubby crime stopper nearly in tears as he got beaten down? I’ll bet you he was thinking about making daddy proud when he reached for his gun.

It makes perfect sense with a drama queen like George Zimmerman. Of course we never really will know what happened for sure. Yeah, just like with OJ! Though no matter how many times I do the math in my head, Zimmerman caused the problem, then cried self-defense as if he was Gary Cooper in High Noon. More like the cowards that get shot very quickly in the movies conservative vigilante fantasizers love the most. Nameless buffoons.

Yet it’s always about the victimhood of George Zimmerman. Much like his conservative comrades, they are too busy crying for their mommy or daddy while a young man bled out on a lawn, just trying to get home to his own pops. It’s never about Trayvon Martin, always about poor, poor, poor Zim.

If Zimmerman had ever felt any remorse, perhaps I would have an inch of sorrow for him, though he is 6 feet deep in self-righteousness, self-pity and remorseless murder. If it was Martin who had shot Zimmerman, and pled “Stand Your Ground” even managing to get away with that in Florida, then boasted about how he has no regrets about what he had to do to survive, Faux News would be crying reverse racism to the point of open racism.

Though, let’s be honest. This case was over a month old before the country got angry and that was because another dead black man is as much news as Rush Limbaugh is a fat moron in the closet. If Martin shot Zimmerman, it would be just another ‘encroachment of the urban violence that plagues our nation’ even if the crime rate has plummeted in the last 20 years. The same narrative is being spun anyway! Old propaganda habits are hard to break.

As for Zimmerman, my guess is this is about getting validation from his conservative and politically connected dad, who probably wrote his son George off years ago when he discovered what a loser he is. Yet he gets to work out his demons, while Trayvon got demonized for wearing a hoodie (a document so harmless it was featured in an Old Navy commercial).

I thought conservatives were pro-life? Why do they rejoice in death so much from police shootings to executions? Kind of sick when you think about it!

A young man on the eve of his prom was deprived of his life at the hands of a loser trying to work out his daddy issues. How any Christian person can stand for this outrage or Zimmerman’s boasting after a trail of wife-beating, is so far beyond my realm of understanding, I can only conclude that racism, sexism and general dislike of personal freedom is so institutionalized that some idiots will protect their hate to the very graves they will soon find as home.


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