Climatologist Slams Science Denying Congress As 300,000 March on NY

With the Great Success of the March for Climate Change in New York, where 300,000 people marched in Midtown Manhattan to address one of the great issues of our time, we witnessed the voice of one side of this issue, now let’s see the other… Science denying, Congressmen on the Oil company’s dole, getting worked over by a top climate scientist with additional narration from Jon Stewart.

I figured we could all use a laugh today with so many things gone terribly wrong this past Summer. So as we welcome, officially, fall, let’s take a look at the media’s forgotten story, that couldn’t be more important to the future of our civilization and humanity as we know it: Climate Change.

Recent studies showed that Climate Change is one of the least covered stories in the media. So Sunday’s march couldn’t have been more important. It has brought the issue back to the forefront, as the largest rally for Climate Change ever and the largest rally we have seen since the immigration marches and anti-war marches of the last decade. 300,000 people in New York City is news. Why are they there? Climate Change. It gets us talking and thinking again about this crucial issue of our time that simply will not go away if we pretend it doesn’t exist.
The science is overwhelmingly conclusive on this issue. So why are we not doing anything about it? Because Senators and Congressional Members come cheap.

Case in point:

You will notice how well informed the scientist is on the facts. You may also notice how well informed Congressional leaders are on logical fallacies that seek to make the facts seem in doubt, yet so poorly informed on what to do when their misdirection tactics and slimy lies are answered with actual facts. One of the misdirections was to slander the scientist for being pro-climate change, of course, because it means more papers he gets to write to make more money. Stewart of course calls him out for receiving donations from Koch Industries and other Oil and Coal companies. This makes an important point. People who are often guilty of something accuse others of it first. Not sure why this happens so often and is so effective, but it happens over and over again in life (ie: serial cheaters, flatulence, stealing). At this point it could be the mantra for the Republican Party. The one who accused it, abused it!


The nerve to attack an entire profession when Congress is one big club for the suck-ups of the 1%. This point is especially profound when the Koch Brothers tried to hire a scientist to disprove Climate Change and that scientist concluded that he had been wrong and Climate Change was indeed a very real threat.

It just goes to show that on one side of the issue, you have passionate, concerned citizens taking the time to support comprehensive reform. On the other, crooked, ignorant politicians who’s opinion is for sale, morally bankrupt multinational energy corporations whose allegiance to the Earth that made them rich is as thin as it is to the nations that bore them and ignorant cynics who can’t put together a better argument then, “well you are as crooked as I am!”

Which side are you on?