Bill O’Reily’s Dream of Inequality Forever

Colbert Takes on Bill-O’s Logical Fallacy and Demonstrates the Largest Weakness in Conservative Thinking

On last night’s The Colbert Report, Stephen examined the logical fallacies of right-wing pundit and part-time hot air balloon, Bill O’Reilly, who argued that the fight to stop gender inequality, marriage inequality, racial inequality and the last and most intriguing inclusion, income inequality, were pointless because some people are better at some things than others.

I’m going to label this one in our “Know Thy Enemy” section as well, since it is such a great example of a typical right-wing conservative logical fallacy that it deserves serious mention. It underscores the illogical logic of the Right and their attempts to rationalize their black and white thinking in a world filled with complex shades of grey and… colors. If they were smart enough to comprehend the contradictions in their line of thinking,

Bill at one point even argues that he will never be as tall as Shaq, so he therefore will never be good at basketball so rich people deserve to be rich because of their amazing ability to inherit money and use it to buy up companies and ship jobs to China, ya know, Job Creators, like Mitt Romney and the Koch Brothers. Ok, so he may not have actually said that last part, that was added to illustrate the truth, though that is the point of what he is saying. People are born unequal, so let’s just let the natural order of things, or a more precise term, the natural selection of things run its course. The poor get swallowed up and spit out, so be it. Funny that conservatives seem to love Darwin’s Theory of Evolution when it comes to rationalizing their unequal and completely unjustifiable domination of the world’s wealth, just not when it comes to science and the natural order of nature.

Well anyway, let’s let the master of irony himself run the natural course of this logic to its logical conclusion. Which is a whole hell of a lot funnier than anything I can come up with.


Oh and in case you want to know more about logical fallacies, here is a cheat sheet:




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