the revolution will not be televised

The Revolution will Not be Televised

the revolution will not be televised

It speaks for itself!

Here we are. Years into a Presidency that was supposed to CHANGE the world, yet it seems to be one long transition, to anyone with half a brain that is. The Right seems to think that calling a moderate a radicalfascistsocialistcommunistmarxistetc. blah blah blah blah can give them political power. So far it has.

Yet while the corporate leaning democrats try to enact change while the corporate owned republicans will die to defend a mild tax hike on the wealthy, the people suffer.

Every day, the roads decay, the bridges age. Every day, more poison fruit passes poorly funded inspectors. Every day our well funded military comes home to no prospects. Every day our college kids are trained for jobs that don’t exist. Every day, our schools train less and less kids to deal with our rapidly declining future. Every day, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and the middle class dream that built this great nation declines into a sad mess.

It has been said by many (including Bloomberg), that eventually, if the rich don’t give a little, the blow-back will be in the form of an angry mob, wielding pitch forks and torches. Yet instead of giving back to the nation that made them so lucky, they choose a different path, the Tea Party.

The wealthy like the Koch brothers funded the TP movement, which turned out to be more of a BM movement, that achieved nothing more than the eager defense of rich peoples taxes.

Today, the real movement has arrived.

I stand in complete solidarity with my brothers and sisters down there, occupying Wall Street. It is about time that we tell these a**h**** that we bailed out with our hard earned cash that they are NOT the masters of the universe and their irresponsible behavior, that profits from the demise of the system, should be punished. Heads are going to roll!

Wall Street is ground zero and spreading fast. This is what the elite fear the most and what the Jeffersonian system needs more than anything and it is coming to a city, then a town, near you.

It has begun to happen here in LA and I am already on my way!

The revolution will not be televised!



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