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Political Obituaries – Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon was a firebrand, right-wing ideologue, a vice president of Wall Street investment bank Goldman Sachs, a Hollywood producer with 15 movies to his credit, an acting director of the Biosphere 2 project and a Navy Officer. Yet what he will be remembered the most for is his management of the Breitbart News organization which subsequently led to his affiliation with failing President Trump, as his White House Chief Strategist.

(Now, I should mention, this is the first time we here at Soapblox have declared someone who is politically dead, whom looks like he may be actually dead. So I must put the disclaimer that Steve Bannon is alive and well, just as hate-filled as ever. So racists don’t worry, your prophet of racial profiteering is still with you.)

On this day, where we celebrate a great hero of equality and civil rights, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., the irony is not lost that a champion of the Alt-Right, a racist collective organization of far-right extremists, KKK racists and fascist neo-Nazis, is now officially, politically dead. After comments he made of the Trump Administration that appeared in writer Michael Wolff’s controversial book Fire and Fury, the fallout appears to be continuing. Now, after merely a week and change, his career appears to be over. So much so that Mitt Romney’s entrance into the 2018 Utah Senate race is not only a sign that Romney is not afraid of Bannon’s threat to anyone he didn’t like running for public office, they are even making public comments that the treat of Bannon is “over”.

Once you enter the joke stage, it’s bad, though as long as you keep your followers it’s okay. If you lose them, and are a joke, good night Bannon. Here is SNL’s take:

Then he was fired from Breitbart, the job he took after being drummed out of the White House. He had already had public arguments with the Trump Administration, they even endorsed separate candidates for the recent Alabama Senate Race. Bannon was for child molester Ray Moore, Trump backed Luther Strange, before ultimately backing Moore later.  When Moore lost, Bannon’s threat of going after conservatives in safe conservative districts with even further right wing candidates began to vaporize. Now his platform at Brietbart, a vehicle that allowed him to say virtually anything, even made up, about whomever he was vindictive towards, is gone.

Losing his job at Breitbart is the clear symbol that this figurehead of the Alt-Right is finished. He has publicly been forced to apologize for denigrating their beloved racist president Trump and now walk into the wilderness, praying to his lord and master Satan for a chance to re-invoke the powers of racist America once again.

Steve Bannon looking forlorn and worried about losing his job at the White House.

Ugly is as Ugly does, though sometimes it’s both.

His influence on Trump included a disastrous handling of the Neo-Nazi protests in Chancellorsville, his poorly calculated Dreamers decision on DACA and widespread rumors of a tumultuous and poorly run White House. His reign at Breitbart included numerous articles that quote satirical joke sites past on as fact and misrepresentation of sources so poorly, that it begs the question if Breitbart himself would have approved if he were still alive.

He engineered the worst president in modern history, easily, and simultaneously has done much to bring it down. His quotes about Trump being removed by the 25th Amendment (incompetency) were common knowledge long before the Michael Wolff book ever hit the shelves. This is not the first self-sabotage contradiction he is guilty of.

The fact he rambled on about Wall Street, yet was an executive at Goldman Sachs, the fact that he hated Hollywood despite having 15 movies to his cred, the fact that he spoke of an incompetent White House under Obama and helped usher in perhaps the worst and least effective White House in modern history all speak to the hypocrisy and dysfunction of this piss-poor human being.

Interestingly enough, the most important thing he ever did, at least from my prospective, is admit that the Trump team that met with Russian interests acted “treasonous”. It will do little good in the investigation, though it’s nice to know that what we see as the plain truth on the outside is as obvious on the inside as well. He’s no fool, he just plays to fools by acting the fool (Trump is actually a fool).

Yet his comfort with evoking the spirit of Neo-Nazis and KKK racists is the most damning of all. To throw gasoline on a fire is easy, it’s cleaning up the mess that takes men and women of great courage and responsibility.

Steve Bannon looks like a character from the walking dead

Bannon appearing ‘as self’ in the Walking Dead

For this, the United States and the world in general is better off with Steve Bannon remaining politically dead. Though it wouldn’t surprise me if he was resurrected as a radio host or some other BS (Conservatives always seem to linger, ask Oliver North and G.Gordon Liddy). That is why on this day, Monday, January the 15th, 2018, I pronounce Steve Kevin Bannon has past into the political wilderness and is effectively, politically dead. He will be missed by right-wing wackos, Neo-Nazis and KKK racists, though not much of anybody else.

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