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2015… Good Riddens

So another year has gone to the ages! 2015 is a year we need to put on the funeral pyle and refelect. We have seen examples of greed, destruction, violent decapatations, terror, shootings, sadness, as well as love, heart-felt compassion and the birth of a new civil-rights movement. You name it, 2015 made it happen.

We are witnessing a revival of the conservative’s cheap cashing in on fear. We are seeing the EU collapse, China too. Even Japan’s little jumpstart has faded and while interest rates go up, the only bright spot is cheap oil. Though I know Texas, North Dakota and West Virgina are suffering dearly from the colapse of cheap oil and coal, the market has spoken. The Saudis are flooding the world with oil in a Rockerfellian strategy, though it is only pushing us away from the black gold in ways not seen since Carter put solar panels on the White House roof (side note, Reagan took them down, Obama put them back).

Part of me would love to revel in the collapse of a system so knee deep in shit, it can’t find it’s way to circle the drain. The other part of me understands that my elders will miss the whole mess while I shall see the first fires and floods, leaving the bulk to my children. It is why I have chosen to have no children.

Childhood’s End.

#BlackLivesMatter! Is the slogan burned into everyone’s minds. Of course they do, as they should. Do they go too far, shutting down the 405 during the holidays? Yep! Though for the first time in a generation, we have a true civil rights movement. I think if they found a way to include people like me, mixed race white and brown (like a sepia I suppose) to sing “We Shall Overcome”, then we can finally take down the prison system, which is inherintly unjust and I know better than anyone should know.

While connies cry about Chicago’s massive death toll, there have been more “mass-shootings” (3 or more) than at any point in history. In early December, the amount of these mass shootings surpassed the amount of days in the year!

Virginia repealed the conceal and carry law respected in 23 states, now 22. It’s a first step, though they will not allow another state’s concealed weapon law to work in their state. One of the bright spots of the year, was Jordan Klepper’s “Good Guy with a Gun” sketch.

The Redlands / San Bernanadino tragedy hit really close to home. My father spent his adolescence growing up there (a far cry from Long Beach), and my grandparents raised him and the rest of us on Center Street, literally walking distance from where the terrorists lived! My heart fell out from under me. To see the last good place of love left in my heart destroyed by cowards. It’s enough to make you go cold.

Personally, this year brought me a whole lot of pain. It was the kind of pain that caused me to lose 50 lbs., so I suppose every cloud has a silver lining. Many of my friends faired worse. It’s been a rough year all around. I will say that no one should ever have to lose a kid when the kid is still alive. Everybody loses. Why? Who knows.

I’m trying like hell to remember the bright spots of this year. They just don’t really exist for us as a whole. The Pope came to the US! I went to Washington DC and saw the aftermath. Which was a bright spot in my own life, though not a collective bright spot. I released an album my dad and I worked on for many years. It rained the release date (we still had a decent crowd) and we performed in June (and it rained then too… in LA!).

Has this year been good to us? In any area?

All I see is Islamic forces combining to do the holy act of mass-slaughter (not condoned in the Koran), Western bombs falling from the high heavens and Angela Merkel, called “Chancellor of the Free World” (a slap at Obama) by Time Magazine, is about to see the end of a unified Europia. Isreali PM Netanyahu won an election by race bating, PM Cammeron, won by having a weak challenger, though he saw a serious challenge from the anti-European party that wants a “Brexit” (a British exit from the European Union). Greece is in ruins, Spain is a mess, Italy is not far behind and France is almost as racist as they were before the great wars. The whole sub-continent is flooded with Islamic “people” that are fleeing the situtiation caused by Bush’s stupid war.

It’s going to get worse folks! We are at the tipping point on global warming! When the socialist Euros start crying about immigration, you know you’re in trouble.

Jesus, did anything good happen this year?

Didn’t one of those idiot Kardashians have a kid or something? Wait, that only makes things worse! Even TMZ land is flooded with negative outcomes. Every day the Kardashians control the media, we grow weaker as a people.

Hell, even the line-up at Coachella was not inspiring! I did a podcast of all the musicians we lost, and the losses far surpassed our gains (the top 50 musical acts). You know you’re in trouble when Adele is the best thing our society can muster. No disrespect, she’s one of the only artists with any talent. She can combine with Bruno Mars and be a super group. Does that sound silly to you? It should. What has happened to music? I know there is still great music, it just isn’t being piped into the masses. We are living in a post-modern society.

You know what pisses me off the most? That Colbert’s far superior show to mumbly Joke, I mean Joe, Jimmy Fallon, is not kicking Mumbly Joe’s ass! Colbert’s show is intelligent. Fallon is like a dead fish with a hand up it’s ass to make it talk and sound like a legitimate corporate puppet.

I’m so over you 2015. May you rot in hell.